Wrote. Sent. Waiting.

I recently completed a new children's manuscript that I am excited about! It is based on a story that I created for Grace. She quickly fell in love with the character and would often ask me to tell her the story again.
One day she asked me when it would become a book. That got me thinking. And so, after a few tweeks....a couple of adjustments....and a lot of prayer, I finally sent it out.

This is a story that I am anxious to send out and eager to have people read. Maybe it's because Gracie is my biggest fan. Or perhaps it's just because it has really been a while.

Whatever the reason, I will now wait patiently. Children's literature is a tricky one to get into. But we will give it a try. In the meantime, I feel the creative writing juices getting stirred up!

A NEW Motherhood Book?

I've been asked numerous times "When are you going to write a NEW motherhood book?" and I never quite know how to reply. I'd love to write on the subject of having a toddler and maybe on the dynamic of going from one child to having two. Perhaps I could jot down some thoughts on how hard potty training can be, or some tips on training a child.
Truth be told, as time marches on...I feel so incredibly inadequate on giving advice in the area of parenting at all. That is why my first book is subtitled "ENCOURAGEMENT through the first weeks". My conclusion of the matter is that the real need is strength, peace, wisdom and total submission to the Lord and allowing Him to create you into the mother that He would have you to be. Our lives are to glorify God. Even our day to day lives as a mother.

So another motherhood book? Maybe someday. To continue encouraging mothers to live a life that honors our Savior.

On the Horizon

I have been trying to write as often as I get a chance to. It is hard to find time when you have two little ones who get your attention throughout the day! I am happy to report, however, that I have completed a new children's manuscript and have been in 'edit-mode' ever since. It is a funny little story teaching children about being friendly to others.
I will let you know when it is ready to be sent out and what becomes of it! In the meantime, Grace has been enjoying it. She asks me to read it over and over to her. That makes it worth it all!

Not Meant to Be

Unfortunately, the last post is now irrelevant. The publishing company that DID tell me they accepted my manuscript has not followed through with their commitment. They stopped communication after "accepting" the story.
So, the Lord knows....and it was not meant to be published with that particular publishing house.

Pray as the Lord continues to lead and I will keep you posted on other prospects!!!


My children's book, Pride Cometh Before a Weasel has been accepted for publication and the contract is in the mail! I am excited to see what the Lord will do through this story, which has been in the works for several years now. I will let you know more as the information is given to me.

The Waiting Game

I have been asked several times recently if I am currently in the works of writing something else. At this point, my focus has been on my completed children's book, Pride Cometh Before a Weasel, and I am waiting for a reply from a specific publisher that interested me.
I have also been contacted by my previous publisher, to inform me of their interest on the project!

I am praying that the Lord sees fit to do what He knows is best and I will let everyone know if the true story will be published anytime soon!
When I find the time to write again- like there ever IS time - I continue to have certain topics at the forefront of my mind.

In the meantime, Welcome to Motherhood, continues to sell on BarnesandNoble.com.
Thank you for your interest and anticipation!


It's been a while so I thought I'd update you on a few things. First of all, the book can no longer be purchased through amazon, however there you can find a link to other sellers. Or, you can go to the barnes and noble website instead and order it there.

I have been anticipating submitting my children's book to some publishers. The illustrator is working on things still, so I will keep you informed when that happens.

Also, I have felt the Lord tugging on my heart to write about a few topics in particular. I am getting the writing 'bug' and am trying to find time to get my thoughts together. It's exciting to see what the Lord has planned.

As for the Motherhood book, I am grateful for all of the positive feedback I've received. I am still learning the ropes of advertising it, but have been encouraged by local publicity.

Thank you for your interest and your prayers! ~LHJ